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6/1/15 CarWash College Monthly Tip-
The Great Exaggeration....


5/1/15 CarWash College Monthly Tip-
Party's Over - Now Get To Work!


4/1/15 CarWash College Monthly Tip-
A Fresh Start - Again



Legislative Update - Spring 2015

Minimum Wage Update



President's Letter - Spring 2015

Good Employees



Venus vs. Mars - Spring 2015

An unlimited budget....what to do?


3/3/15 CarWash College Monthly Tip- Does it Matter??


1/5/15 CarWash College Monthly Tip -

"There's no Crying in Car Washing"



Legislative Update - Winter 2014

Wage Board and Living Wage



President's Letter - Winter 2014

NRCC Highlights



Venus vs. Mars - Winter 2014

What is new and what is not?



CarWash College Monthly Tip -

Throwing Good Money After Bad



CarWash College Monthly Tip -

Old School or Old Fool?



History ChannelThe History Channel's Modern Marvels series "Car Wash" showcases our industry



Monthly Reminders

June 2015

***** NYS Sales Tax Report is due June 20th for the March - May period*****


Trim bushes after new growth appears to keep the manicured look


Check the parking lot for potholes or cracks in the pavement - repair as needed


Re-paint stripes and arrows in parking lot


Roof maintenance - do you remember where the drips were coming from last winter?


How is your controller?  Check connections, relays & printer - any updates available?


Do you have a reminder you would like us to post? Send it to us!


Tip:  Have you started your saftey binder?.... check out the blog CarWash Safety 101 for more details

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NYSCWA Announcements


Nissan “Self-Cleaning” Car

Recently, Nissan Motor Company announced in a press release that they developed a paint that
repels dirt. This paint, in effect, would create a “self-cleaning” car. Current testing is presently
ongoing. What Is It? Does it work?


Feds Encourage Carwashing


For years, owners of older General Motors trucks have been complaining about their brake lines corroding and demanding a recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) dutifully studied the issue for five years and today came up with a decision: no defect, no recall.


Instead, says NHTSA, consumers who live in areas where salt is used on icy roads in the winter should wash the underside of their vehicles. The salt causes rust and corrosion not only in GM cars and trucks but also in comparable vehicles made by other manufacturers.


Read the full story by James R. Hood, Founder and Editor of ConsumerAffair's >>>



Road Salt Spells Trouble for your Car


Watch The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

YouTube Video>>>



FREE 24/7 Online Car Wash Safety Training

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Listen to NRCC Keynote delivered by Robert "Bob" Benmosche, past President and CEO of AIG

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Water Saver Program




The NYSCWA is a new partner with the ICA's WaterSavers™ program! All NYSCWA members are eligible and you DO NOT need  to be a member of the ICA to participate. This program is designed to help carwash owners and operators promote their environmentally-friendly business practices and educate consumers about the environmental benefits of professional carwashing. To sign up visit Consumers can learn more about this program at




NYSERDA - Energy Savings Incentives click here to learn more >>

NYSCWA Political Action Committee

The New York State Car Wash Association Political Action Commitee (PAC) is designed to help our lobbyist attend key fundraisers at the state capitol. This helps spread the word about the merits of professional carwashing and the issues that operators across the state face on a daily basis. The PAC is funded by donations that are used solely for this purpose. All money in the PAC is reported to the state in a semi-annual report.


Donations can be made in any amount up to $5,000 annually. To make a donation simply complete the form at the top of this page and mail it to the address listed along with your check. We appreciate all of your support !


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